Workshop Descriptions:

Passion Test for Businesses

  • Re-ignite your business passion
  • Utilize that passion to generate new revenue and inspire your team to be fully engaged inyour business
  • Learn how you can be inspired, so you can inspire others


Exceptional Care for Your Valued Clients

  • Learn how to attract the perfect client
  • Develop in-depth relationships with your clients
  • Improve your customer service and increase your customer retention


Engaging Your Workforce

  • Learn how to increase employee productivity
  • Identify key strategies to help you attract the right employees
  • Improve your employee retention by generating a positive environment


Relationship Marketing

  • Learn how to implement strategies to improve current customer relationships
  • Learn how to create referral partners with current contacts
  • Identify key strategies for engaging new client relationships
  • Learn how to be the HUB of strategic partnerships


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