Drive the Passion

Drive the Passion

A customized solution for mid to large-sized companies

Our Drive the Passion program is a customized solution for mid to large-sized companies that have already defined their unique contribution and core operating principles. The process is fully scalable. Starting with the areas of your company that are your core differentiators, each group, division, department and team can identify their unique contribution and core passions, as they relate to those of the company. Then the process aligns team members with those values. We support you in creating a Culture Action Plan (CAP) for each area of your company to drive passion into every corner of your organization and train your own trainers to deliver The Passion Test for Business.

  • Passion Test training ignites passion and engagement among your staff
  • Culture Action Plan provides clear responsibilities and timetables for accountability
  • Staff develop the habit of making corporate mission and company passions the basis of decision-making
  • Pre and post surveys provide Level 3 predictive results of employee engagement
  • Integrated approach ensures common use of corporate values throughout the company
  • Unique Contribution and Company Passion statements with Markers
  • Culture Action Plan with responsibilities and timelines
  • Half day trainings for up to 50 staff each course
  • Hiring process to ensure new hires are aligned

And the BEST thing is the team will include one of the following leaders to work with you!

Chris Attwood

Chris Attwood is co-author of the NY Times Bestseller, The Passion Test – The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose. The simple, yet powerful Passion Test process forms the foundation of our programs to help companies and their staffs identify their core passions.

Chris has been in senior executive positions in thirteen companies during the past 35 years. During his career he has worked on a consulting basis with companies like Ford Motor Company, Dell Computer, Sprint, Mellon Bank and others.

Chris is the lead Executive Consultant to apply The Passion Test for Business strategies in your company to create your own Culture Action Plan.

Beth Lefevre

Beth Lefevre is a Master Trainer of The Passion Test and The Passion Test for Business. She is a team leader with more than 18 years of experience working with corporations, educational institutions and governments. Her areas of expertise include empowering others, conflict resolution, enhancing cooperative relationships and other progressive approaches to improved relationships in the workplace. Her enthusiastic attitude, combined with her ability to inspire positive change, makes Beth a highly desirable asset to any team.

Beth is not only fluent in both English and Spanish, but also resonates and understands the cultural nuances. She has delivered The Passion Test for Business programs in both English and Spanish, in the U.S. and in Mexico.

What Clients Are Saying!

“As a Speaker, LuAnn brings humor to her audience while sharing her knowledge through stories and skill building. An interactive workshop is often difficult to teach. In this environment I felt her enthusiasm, saw her generosity and admired her resourcefulness as she met the needs of those in her audience. She encourages each attendee to discover and prioritize their personal and professional passions.”

Linda D Lucas, CEO, Linda Lucas, LLC

“What can I say about a person who helps you fine tune your purpose? This has been an amazing process to continue to be in touch with my purpose and work with professionals like LuAnn. I am now on purpose using my creativity and imagination to collaborate with others….etc. I also carry my purpose and goals with me to help me stay focused through out my day. I feel that I am with my higher purpose in life! Thank you LuAnn!”

John Monsour, Market America

“After feeling like I’ve spent most of my life wondering what it is that I truly want to do, I had circumstances in my recent life lead me to LuAnn. After a couple emails and conversations, I arranged to attend her Passion Test workshop as quickly as I was able, and what a wonderful eye opener it was. I gained so much clarity about what it was I wanted to do with my life that I immediately started focusing on my passions. One of my greatest passions is to help others, so I enrolled in the Facilitator Training Course as well, and am so thrilled to be able to help others find their passions. I can honestly say that meeting LuAnn has changed my life, and taking the passion test has been priceless to my life and my purpose.”

Beverly J.

“Working with you on the passion test was an awesome experience and I am really excited about it on many different levels. Most of all I wanted to let you know that I feel your arrival in my life has been a huge blessing. Thank you for following your passions and doing what you do.”

Doug Kasper, Unlocking Empowerment

“I attended my initial Passion Test Seminar in May, I admit, simply out of curiosity. What I found was a method by which I was able to reveal the true passion of my heart. I left that day feeling as if I had revealed a new truth about my life and I began to share it with those I love. After a challenging encounter with my daughter, it occurred to me that the Passion Test seminar could be a wonderful way to connect with my daughter. I enrolled not only my daughter but my son as well. Even though they were not thrilled about going, they went to appease me.”

“LuAnn, I have always known that you are a remarkable individual and a wonderful coach. We owe our newly found channel of communication to you an the Passion Test seminar. We use the fundamentals we learned to coach each other daily. We use our passions to communicate and to understand one another as we grow as a family. You my dear, have a gift! Know that we are happy that you have chosen to share it with us all!”

Sheri K. Hoffman, Certified Public Accountant

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