Have you joined the ranks of the Entrepreneur?

Are you a self-employed consultant?

Perhaps you are into network marketing?

You may have become so bogged down with day to day details, you can’t seem to remember why you started your business to begin with.

If so, the Passion Test for Business® for the Entrepreneur is for you!

Just as you as an individual have your Personal Passions that drive your entire life, you also have specific passions for your business.

Upon completion of the 4-hour session you will…..

  • Gain clarity about what matters most to you in your business
  • Gain a powerful decision-making tool;
  • Learn a simple method to evaluate to what extent you are living your business passions now.
  • Learn a powerful tool to know what is the right direction or action to take at any time
  • Discover your Unique Contribution
  • Have a Plan to move forward