My story looks a lot like others. Raised as a good catholic girl, I did what I was told. I did what I was supposed to do. Get good grades in school, go to college, get married, have kids….etc. While all these things are good in and of themselves, I failed to find my true passions.

I did find my way into a business I enjoy, meeting and event management. However, I got side tracked after a divorce and ended up in a management position where I was unable to do the things I really loved. My life became miserable. I hated going to work and I had to find a way out. Leaving without knowing my next step, I then took the first job that came my way, which was in sales – and I hated that too.

The good news is, I found a little organization called BNI. Business Network Int’l, the world’s largest networking organization. I fell in love with their philosophy of Givers Gain. I met a lot of wonderful people and decided if “they could do it” I could too. So, I started my own business… with no fear, no direction and no business plan. Somehow regardless, I have managed to have my successes.

It’s because of BNI, that I found Janet Attwood and the Passion Test. In the true spirit of Givers Gain, Janet agreed to speak at an event I created where she met my daughter. She fell in love with her and asked her to be a Passion Test Facilitator for Teens, this lead to both my daughter and I going to facilitator training.

Janet and Ashley

I thought, “no matter what happens, it will be a great bonding experience for my daughter and I.” And it was so much more than that…

Although I feel on track now it’s been a struggle; a struggle to stay on track and a struggle to remember why I am where I am. The Passion Test has helped me to get clear on what I want. And give me the peace of mind to know that I am doing what I am meant to do.

“What you love, and what is God’s will for you are one in the same thing.” This statement has freed me to love myself, love what I love to do, and allow myself to do it. I want to help others experience this freedom and peace of mind, by discovering their passions.